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Danny Blackburn




I served in the United States Army Intelligence for seven (7) years and four (4) months.


Republic of Vietnam from 1968 to 1969, where I received numerous awards and commendations.





Attended the Virginia State Police Academy.


With the Bel Air Police Department for three (3) years and six (6) months, where I was promoted from Officer to Detective and received numerous commendations.


Continued my career at The Cecil County Sheriff’s Office for twenty-five (25) years, where I was promoted from Deputy to Criminal Investigation Sgt. to Chief Deputy Sheriff.


During my tenure with Cecil County Sheriff’s Office I served under Sheriffs DeWitt, Kennedy and Killough.


Responsibilities as a Criminal Investigative Sgt were to follow-up on all crimes reported to the Sheriff’s Office. These included

homicides, rapes, robberies, child abuse, drug investigations and all property crimes. Other duties included crime scene processing, photography and preparing cases for prosecution in our Court System.


Training includes: fingerprint analyst, photography, photo processing, drug schools, gang investigations, outlaw motorcycle gang investigations, grant writing, UCR (Uniformed Crime Reporting), numerous supervisory schools and numerous executive schools.


Received a number of commendations from the Courts, States Attorney’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office for the successful prosecutions of major crimes.


Supervisory experience includes: Supervisory Sgt. of Patrol Section, Civil Process, Warrants, Transportation, Courtroom Security, Internal Investigations and Detention Center investigations.


Last position was Chief Deputy Sheriff. Duties were: budgets and supervising all aspects to include Law Enforcement, Detention Center and Community Corrections. Additionally, in the absence of the elected Sheriff, acting Sheriff.






1. Declare war on drug dealers and pushers.

 a. Make a conscious effort to arrest and convict those that deal in drugs.

 b. Partner with the States Attorney and Judges to see that drug dealers get maximum

      sentences for their crimes.

 c. Those that are drug dependent, create programs that help them overcome their


 d. Create and maintain programs for those that are incarcerated.

2. Create, if possible, a Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force (partner) with Pennsylvania and Delaware

     to deal with the dealers and pushers of drugs before coming to Cecil County.

3. Educate Parents and Teachers of the signs to be aware of for those young adults that may be

     entering the drug world.




1. Place an experienced Law Enforcement Deputy in every school within the County.

 a. A deterrent to those that would want to harm students.

 b. Deal with problems as they arise.


Federal and State grants can be applied for to off-set the costs. Our children are our future and we need to protect them.


I have spent over thirty (30) years serving my Country, my State and my County. I truly believe that my dedication over these years has proven that I am the best choice for the position of Cecil County Sheriff.






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$20 per person - Children 10 and under free


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